Who we are and what we do

We are charity. A global force of pure humanitarianism fighting for human rights while performing the most basic acts of kindness. We are an association of all of us, helping each other.

Anyone with an Internet connection can volunteer and the incentives we provide are appealing.

We provide funding for simple projects (mainly small humanitarian acts) that people of any age, at any place, can do which have positive effects on their communities.  In exchange for their services people who complete our projects are rewarded with a small bonus to compensate them for their time, and as an incentive to do more good deeds in their area. Volunteers can also submit their own proposals for community service projects and acquire funding or other support through our organization.

The stories of our volunteer’s accomplishments are shared through social media, and people challenge their friends to perform acts of kindness. It is our hope that this movement will turn viral like the infamous “ice bucket challenge” and millions of people will perform acts of kindness all over the world in a massive wave of human generosity.

On the flip-side we also seek to develop major community outreach programs across the country and internationally. Our team will provide support to volunteers who will arrange community outreach events with donated event space from local charitable organizations.  We will use the vast network of the Internet to recruit volunteers from every background, professionals in their fields who have valuable skills to contribute. Community leaders will organize and draw support from our organization with the goal of improving quality of life in their respective communities all over the world.

Our goal is to affect people’s lives tangibly and sustainably. We will gain national and international media attention, and become one of Givewell’s recommended charities. Eventually, we hope to influence public policy in the best interest of all people across the planet.

We want you to be a part of The Human Alliance. Thank you and please check out our website if you want to learn more!



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